Officer Denise Walker receives MAD Award

05 Jun 2019
Category: Family Business Articles

Officer Denise Walker recently received a Making a Difference (MAD) Award for her keen eye and dedication to her security responsibilities. She has been with Whelan Security since May of 2017 as a security officer at AARP in Lakewood, Calif. While Denise does her part every day, she went above and beyond on April 28, 2019 while watching the cameras for the main lobby.

According to AARP Account Manager Alfredo Mora, Denise noticed a vehicle driving on the property after hours and quickly took action.

“The vehicle circled the parking lot, and two occupants attempted to drop off a refrigerator off the back of their pick-up truck,” Alfredo said. “Officer Walker raced to the loading dock door and was able to make contact with the individuals.”

Denise preceded to tell them she had notified authorities and written down their license plate number. This led to the subjects retrieving the refrigerator and leaving the site without incident.

“Officer Walker made it a point to not let her shift be victimized by people illegally dumping items at the post,” Alfredo said. “Since this incident occurred, she has prevented a second incident from happening.”

The second occurrence was the illegal dumping of a dresser on the property, which Denise stopped as well. Alfredo, who is her immediate supervisor, said Denise is making a difference at AARP by always being attentive while watching the cameras.

“Officer Walker is a good employee doing her part to help deliver the maximum value to our clients,” Alfredo said.

Denise was presented her MAD Award by Field Services Manager Skyler Boulding, Client Services Manager Matt Crosswhite and AARP Office Services Manager David Sanchez.

(left to right) Skyler Boulding, David Sanchez, Denise Walker, Matt Crosswhite