The Truth Report

20 Jan 2016
Category: Marketing Resources

The cornerstone of our commitment to quality assurance and return on investment is our industry leading and proprietary performance measurement tool, The Truth Report.

Drawn from the best practices of technology and engineering firms, Whelan has developed and designed this report with the specific intent of capturing measurable performance data in order to assess real service delivery.

Unlike other performance scorecards and processes, where subjectivity and opinion allow for negative results to be covered up, The Truth Report provides our customers an analysis of 10 objective service areas supported by real quantifiable data that simply does not allow for any component of our delivery system to be hidden. As a customer should expect, all positive AND negative results are documented and reported to our valued clients.

What does this mean to our customers?

  • No excuses – just results
  • Return on investment can be quantitatively measured
  • Elimination of complacency through our continuous improvement process
  • Nothing is hidden from you – complete transparency
  • Exceptional customer service

Whether utilizing The Truth Report as a measure of our performance, as the basis of a performance-based contract, or simply to measure return on investment, the objective is to strive for quality assurance and continuous improvement while maintaining complete transparency in our contracts.

Click here to download the full PDF.