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Family Owned Business –a Unique Culture

As one of the top family-owned security firms, Whelan offers distinctive benefits and security training to employees and customers alike. Inherent strengths of a family business include a long term perspective, stable leadership, a strong identity based on shared objectives, strong traditions, and deeply rooted family values. Family businesses tend to care more than others about the long term value of the brand and creating a sustainable legacy. In addition, family businesses foster closer contact with management, deeper relationships, and operate with less bureaucracy.

At Whelan, we have a strong commitment to quality service, but an even stronger commitment and deep compassion for the care and concern of our employees. It is a culture dedicated to employee engagement, servant leadership, and the promise of delivering outstanding customer service. It is a culture in which the expectation is that security officers feel a genuine sense of belonging and a genuine sense of fulfillment for their contributions. At Whelan, we value people, we value development and we value strong, open and transparent relationships.

Additional information, including published articles about the distinctive culture of our family business, our commitment to exceptional customer service, and employee engagement can be found in News & Resources.