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Our Hallmarks

Through a significant investment in customer satisfaction surveys coordinated by FranklinCovey, a global leader in performance improvement, we have learned from our clients that there are five characteristics of Whelan Security professional security consultants that provide unique, world-class corporate security. We refer to these as the Hallmarks of Whelan Security.

Hallmark #1 – Management Responsiveness and Professionalism

We believe responsive service with a real sense of urgency can only be delivered through great leaders. Averaging approximately 20 years of industry experience, our team of professional security consultants creates solid relationships with our clients and employees and responds proactively to their individual needs.

Hallmark #2 – Great Security Officers

In an industry that often ignores front-line employees, Whelan views our employees as our most important asset and sustainable competitive advantage.  We believe that true success and world-class customer service is achieved and delivered through highly engaged employees who represent Whelan and our clients more professionally than security personnel in other companies.

Hallmark #3 – Flexibility and Customization

We will always advise of the benefits of standardization in order to drive efficiency and consistency, but as a privately-held company who answers only to our clients and our employees as opposed to stockholders, money managers or parent companies, Whelan has the ability to provide highly customized services that are unique among larger security firms.

Hallmark #4 – Performance-Based Business Model

The cornerstone of our commitment to quality assurance and return on investment is our performance measurement tool, The Truth Report. Whelan has developed and designed this report specifically with the intent of capturing measurable performance data in order to assess real service delivery.

Hallmark #5 – National Company with a Boutique Business Philosophy

Whelan is one of the largest corporate security companies in America, but the only one that has maintained the personal touch and feel of a boutique firm.  As a privately-held, third generation family-owned company, we have achieved our growth organically – one client and one employee at a time.  Each client should feel like they are our only one and each employee should feel like they are a part of our family.